Jackie Barrett
Jackie Barrett

For more than 26 years, Jackie Barrett has been a psychic medium and author. Her amazing abilities to both communicate with the dead and guide the living have propelled her into the spotlight. She is known throughout the world as America's foremost occult and paranormal expert.

Jackie's remarkable efforts with the Red Cross and the Jackie Barrett Foundation have raised millions of dollars, and her compassion has earned her a great deal of respect, enabling her to help thousands of people from diverse backgrounds. She has clients all over the world, including celebrities in the music and entertainment industries, politicians, socialites, and professional athletes. 

Jackie is the most sought after for her unique seances where she allows the guest to directly communicate with the contacted spirit, instead of the traditional seance where only the medium will make contact with the spirit.

She has been issued a captain's badge from now-retired NYC Police Captain Sean Crowley for her work on cold cases. She works with him and her daughter Joanne, who assists her with both cold cases and private clients. Jackie also continues her work with personal clients around the world.

Jackie's latest accomplishment is her just-published book, The Haunting of the Gemini. It's a riveting account of her journey with the New York City Zodiac Killer. After almost two decades of silence, he chooses to speak only with Jackie, and this book tells -- for the first time -- the true extent of his crimes.

The Haunting of the Gemini follows her last book, The Devil I Know, which chronicles her experiences with Amityville murderer Ronnie DeFeo.


The practice of communicating with the spirit world has been in my family for more than 500 years. It has not been considered a gift, but rather an inheritance and a way of life. I first used my abilities at the age of six. By fourteen, I was training to be a missionary, and at the age sixteen I first used my skills to assist the police.

I grew up in Louisiana and am proud to be known as the Guardian Angel of New Orleans.

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